Monday, February 14, 2011

Darnell's Blog Post for February 14, 2011.

Hello class. Today we learned more about the information on chapter 7 monomials.

First we learned about Distributive Property.
It's a process where you distribute the negative one (monomial) over the binomial.
-(6x+7) = -1 (6x) + (-1) (7)
= -6x-7
The negative turns into a -1.

We did some questions and did both pictures and work in class.

You can tell the answer is right
in the picture if the first factor ( the left side ) and the second factor ( the top side ) are matched up with the shape thats in the middle of the graph.

Next we tried it with fractions. In this case we had something that helped. Anything over itself for example like 12/12 or X/X, the answer is 1.

For homework we have:
7.1 Extra Practice
7.1 Homework Book
7.1 254-259 CYU 1 & 2
Practice odd or even
Apply All
7.10 Monomial Division

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