Monday, February 28, 2011

Noelle's Blog Post for Feb. 28th, 2011

What did we learn today?

Turning a trinomial into a binomial:

Trinomial ---> Binomial

How do you do it?

To get from a trinomial to binomial you have to find the product of each term and seperate them into the two terms of a binomial.

Here's the tricky part; The constants in your binomials must add up to the constant or coefficient in the middle term, but multiply to get the constant or coefficient in the last term of the trinomial.

Make sense? Here are a couple examples to show how it works:

x^2 + 7x - 18 --->Binomial

(x+9)(x-2) = Binomial



y^4 - 3x - 18 --->Binomial




This is what we learnt, and then we played TUTPUP!

Aight, that was basically all we learned. I choose EMMANUEL to do the next blog post because he didn't do it on thursday.

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