Monday, December 6, 2010

Allysa's Scribepost for December 6, 2010

In class today, we talked about Scale:Proportional reasoning and we learned how to find a variable's number using "Cross-Multiplication".

A scale is a image:actual.

This is what we started with. I crossed out the A over A because it's not a valid operation and we may not do that.
Also, I put the ticks in the corner of the letter's because they're primes.

Now for the example, it's just like converting a decimal into a fraction. Except your replacing the variable x, into the answer.

Our math teacher also gave us a few questions to practice with. Here are the two:

<-- That is just an easier way to show it.

HOMEWORK: - Read 4.2
- Show You Know(Both)
- Check Your Understanding(1-3)
- Practice(odds or evens)
- Apply(13-16 OR 15-19)
- Extend(20 or 22 and 21)

Some of the questions may show this:
^^You are supposed to measure that line.

And most importantly, there's a TEST ON WEDNESDAY on Scale and Scale Factors.

I choose PRINCESS to do the scribe next!
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