Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elijah's Scribepost for December 10 2010

In class today, we classified triangles by its sides, and angles. We also learned more about SAS (side, angle, side).
Classifying Triangles by side:
  • Scalene: All Sides are different
  • Isosceles: 2 sides are the same.
  • Equilateral: 3 sides are equal.

Classifying Triangles by Angle
  • Right angle: One angle equals 90°
  • Obtuse angle: One angle's greater than 90°
  • Acute angle: All angle's are less than 90°
  • Equiangular: All angles equal 60°

Other Tringle facts

  • All triangles have an interior measure that sums to 180°
  • Right triangle:

  • Equiangular :

  • Obtuse :
  • Acute :

SAS (side, angle, side):
If sides and angles are proportional the triangles are similar.

Then we got to solve a problem: Find the b and the h.

The next problem is based on a right triangle. Find the a b and c

Homework :
Extend 18 and 20
Homework book/ Extra practise

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