Monday, December 13, 2010

Connor's Scribepost for December 13, 2010

Today in class we learned more on corresponding angles and how to find the length of sides.

First we corrected the tests.

Then we moved onto corresponding angles.

The corresponding angles are the sides that overlap when the triangle is flipped over the line of reflection.

The two sides that are marked blue are corresponding and the two sides marked yellow are corresponding.
After we reviewed the what corresponding angles are we went onto a quetion involving it.

The question was to find the value of X on the larger triangle.

First you must write the corresponding angles formula.

Next convert the two angle fractions with the measurements given in the question. (Image Below)

Next you must cross multiply.
4.7 (x) = 4.7x
13.7 (7) = 94.5

The answer to this question is x = 20.11

Next we did another question involving overlapping triangles.

The question was asking you to find the height of the ramp if it gives you the height of a support beam.
We need to convert the (cm) to (m)
50cm = 0.5m
Again we must find the side formulas.
(CD/AB) = CE/AE = (DE/BE)
Take the first and third side ^ because that is the measurements that is gives us.
50/x = 175/85
then convert to metres.
0.5/x = 1.75/(1.75+0.85)
Then we cross multiply.
1.75x = 0.5(2.6)
1.75x/1.75= 1.3/1.75
x= o.74m
Then we convert it into cm again which is 74.29cm.
The height of the ramp is 74.29cm.
Sorry if you cant understand some of the math written is hard to understand. I tried the best i could in the time I could. Comment if you have any questions.
The next person for the scribe is Maryjhane

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