Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alex's Post for January 20th

Finally have some time to do this not enough hours in the day but anyways.
(this is going to be fairly short considering we didn't actually do that much)

Today we went over what we did for the all flowers no change made graphs Backe looked at our homework which was to make the graphs and asked us if we found out why we couldn't put a line through it. It was because when you have a solid line through a graph if represents an infinite amount between to points and you can't very well have 4.592137 roses.
OH yeah and we were also reminded to label our graphs x axis and y axis and the whole graph and why we couldn't put intervals that go like 1-3-5 and so on because the intervals have to remain constant unless there is a break in the axis. Then there was also how we should of only went up by a maximum interval of 2 since it was so detailed.

After all the reviewing of the homework Backe started talking about the slope and y intercept and stuff and it got really confusing. The slope is rise over run which is pretty much y over x. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I think the Y intercept is the distance from (0,y) 0 x and something y to the next so in the first graph the y intercept would be (1,-2). We also got a formula for finding y and it went as such y=m(the slope)x+b(y intercept).

That was pretty much it I'll put some graphs on a later date my paint is being messed up.

Homework was to read 6.1 do the C.Y.U's Homework book get ready the foldable and playing tutpup.

(Note for the foldable's for some reason wsd1 mail wasn't working not sure if it is now so to Mr.Backe thats probably why you didn't get some if any)

Well Ja Ne tell me if I missed anything

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