Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alvin's Scribe Post for Janurary 19, 2011

Hello Classmates.
Today in class we started something called Linear Relations.
We have to give definitions, a picture, and example, and a non-example (why ?).
For there words - coefficient, variable, constant, linear equation, interpolate, extrapolate, negative line and positive line which is all due on Friday January 28.

We also did tables to show how we could buy flowers were a certain amount of money, and you had to use it all so you weren't allowed change.

Table 1 Pink Roses $2 Carnations $1, and you have $10

Pink Roses go up by -1 , Carnations go up by 2

Table 2 Red Roses $5 Carnations $1, you have $27

Red Roses go up by -1 , Carnations go up by 5

Table 3 Red Roses $5 Pink Roses $2, you have $37

Red Rises go up by -2, Pink Roses go up by 5

Homework !
Finish the Charts on the graph papers about the tables and think about, why dont we put lines though the dots on the chart.

Thanks For Reading

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