Monday, January 24, 2011

Josh's post for Janurary 24th

Today in math class, we got to use the computers in room 10. As usual, we went on tut-pup and played for at least 10 minutes.

Many of the students games weren't even
loading so Mr.Backe told us to go to the following website :

The site took us to a game called "Save The Zogs"
The game is about Zogs ( which are little blue creatures ) who are in need of help to go back to their planet. The objective of the game is to help and save them by answering linear equation questions on a grid with the x and y axis:

As you see on the right side, there would be 4 equations and you would have to pick the right one to which ever has the most Zogs in one line.

In this case, the line with the most Zogs was in the X axis and it was positive 10 so X = 10 would be the correct answer.

There are 9 levels in this game, and once you complete each one, they get harder and harder. Some levels you would have to answer it by just using the tracking controls above the equations on the right side, and you would have to look at where the zogs are and find what points they are on.

We did this for the whole class. It may be a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you would know what your doing. Well I had some help from Alvin at the beginning but that's okay.

HOMEWORK: The homework for math we need to complete is the other foldable with the definitions, and examples that lady wrote on the board before and write in your journal for the math we did today. Oh and also if you are behind in the homework book catch up and look at 6.2 in the textbook. Play tutpup too if you have time.

This is my blog for today I am really tired tell me what else I missed and comment Backe great practice good night.

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