Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Argie's blog post!!!

Today in math class we started it off by doing a integer quiz thingy.
Today's integer assignment look a little something like this

BLACK - numbers were subtracting

GREEN - answers

Next, all we did was basically go over the TEST that we did the other day and see what errors people had, and how to fix them.

After that Mr.Backe showed us a few images and told us to find out what "x" and "y" are. This is the images he showed us...

To find "x" you would have to subtract 8 from 5. So the answer would be 3. You have to do that because you are trying to find the "x" and that is part of the height.
So it would be like..

To find "y" you have to subtract 5 from 3. The answer would be 2. You have to do this because you are finding out what "y".
And it looks lie this..

Yeah i guess that's pretty much it.

1.3 in your textbook
- syk
- cyu 2 & 3
Answer : Explain the difference between a oblique and a diagonal line.
OHHHHHH! and for that picture up there ^ you have to make the object in 3D and also a net!
And play tutpup!

Ohh and if your wondering why its so dull and plain, its because the colours i put on it wouldn't stay when i published it!



  1. Nicely done Argie. This post was pretty straight to the point and your work was very easy to understand. Your pictures were neat as well. Next time, you could just add colour to make your post a lot better. Other than that, good job!

  2. Good job Argie! Your post was short but simple and informative. Your explanations were easy to understand. I also like the pictures that went along with your explanation. To improve your blog, you should add a bit more color to make it look more interesting. Otherwise, your blog was very straight forward and well done!

  3. Good Job Gee ! I like how your post was straight to the point , no 10 page essay . GoodJob on the pictures , and the explanations
    were really well done ! Since you dont really have colour , i think you should put on your blog that the colour didnt turn out . GOOD JOB GEE !

  4. Good job Argie! Your explanations were very clear. You had a few typos. Next time, check over your work before you publish it. Also maybe you could have used things such as bold and color, etc. to make the important things stand out, but I you said the color wasn't working, so its okay. Thankyou for reminding us what our homework for tonight is.

  5. NICE ONE ARGIE !. You actually took your time to make that multiplication chart ? good job man !.
    The way you explained how to find x and y was very clear and understandable. Thanks for mentioning the homework too I almost forgot

  6. Excellent job Argie! The pictures we're excellent, and the information you have given us is in detail that is easy for me to understand. One thing that brought your post down a bit is that you didn't add any color?! On your next post, add some color to bring out important words and important parts. Other than that 1 factor, your blog was excellent!

  7. Well done argie! The way you presented the pictures were great, another thing was the explanations you put out there were REALLY easy to understand. Your reminder of doing homework was well presented too. You can add some colours if you want next time, just to decrease the use of black, and it kind of makes things more interesting to read. Overall, great job!

  8. Good job argie ! The way you've explained your work were easy to understand. But next time, you should add more colours or bold the things that are more important.

  9. Good job argie, I understand that you tried to put colours but it didnt work. Your pictures were very clear, and I can understand them well. For the quiz "thingy", maybe you could have mentioned that it was timed and that is why we have to play tut pup so we can get better with the integers? Good job though!

  10. Nice work Argie! It looks like you took you time to do the table and that's kinda worth it since I have issues weather if my answers for that integer test was correct or not and most of them I didn't answer it fast enough. You should next time try to add some colors to make it stand out a bit more! That's all I ask for, nice work Argie!

  11. good job argie ! you explained it very well. you made it easy to understand. but i think you should of added colors to the important words. but good job!

  12. Nice job Argie, it was short but to the point. You did have some errors though, you didn't capitilize some "I's" and you forgot a k in like. Well done though!