Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kamille's Blog Post for September 30th

Today in math class, we went over the homework with the net of the diagram he drew for us yesterday. The net looks something like this:

Also we did a 3D diagram in an isometric dotted paper that looks something like this:

Then we did the went over one of the Show You Know on Page 29 on the math-book.

: What is the area of the surface that is against the ground? Explain your answer.

Answer -

S.A = 80( 60 + 20+ 30 + 20
S.A = 10,400 cm

S.A = 2 [40 (60) + 20 (30) ]
S.A = 2 ( 2400 + 600 )
S.A = 2 (3000)
S.A = 6000 cm

Then you add 10,400 + 6000 which equals 16,400 cm2.


- Finish Check Your Understanding question 2 and 3.
- Do the ALL the apply and practice.




  1. Thanks so much for picking me kamille! I think in the first part for the "net" that we were suppose to cut, all the pieces should be together? Also for the 80(60+20+30+20)) you could have simplified that after, instead of right away putting the answer. Good use of colours, and overall you did great!

  2. So i went through your post and i found pretty much everything well done. The explanations were much understandable, and the pictures tied in well. Although there were some things that i think would be a little better. For the first picture, i think that you sould've labeled each part of the 3d figure. For example the top, bottom, etc. .so that if someone was having a hard time, it would help make is easier to understand. I think that you missed out on the skeleton thing we had to draw for that same figure. When you showed the answer looking for the surface area, on the first one you missed out some steps, and you put the answer right away. BUT ALL IN ALL, i found it a great post, with good use of colours, combination of text and pictures, and the homework part too! Good job kamille ! :)

  3. Good job Kamille! I like how you showed everything including the nets and homework. I don't know what else to say so byebye.

  4. Good job Kamille. Your pictures are crystal clear and i can understand them very easily. The last picture was kinda confusing to me. You should show how many ways how to figure out the wings of the figure. You should also tell on how you got the surface area and why the formula for the isometric figure is that formula. Other than that, good job Kamille!

  5. Great job Kamille! I like how you added pictures to show how to do it, other than just explaining the whole thing. Although, you should read over your work, because I think you wrote this wrong "Then we did the went over one of the Show You Know on Page 29 on the math-book.". But other than that, I think you did an awesome job!(:

  6. Good job Kamille! You had a nice use of colours and your pictures were easy to understand. But for your explanations, you could've added more to make it better and for your net, you didn't put enough faces. As well as your formula, you should put it down first, and then fill it in with the numbers.

  7. Hey Kamille ! Good job on the blog. You explained everything really well, but for the answer part, you should have the Formula. Like 2(w)+ 2(r)+ (t) + (top). Then you can just work from there and fill the letters with numbers. Also, the
    " S.A = 80( 60 + 20+ 30 + 20 )
    S.A = 10,400 cm "
    instead of making the 60 + 20 + 30 + 20 multiply to 80 right away. You should add the 4 numbers first wchih gives you 130. Then you can just multiply 130 to 80.

  8. Nice job Kamille! I liked your great use of colors and the the pictures of the nets and solids. I think you should have explained a bit more to make it even more easier to understand. For the show you know part you should have added the formula instead of just going straight to answering it. Although, everything else was good.

  9. Well done Kamille! I think you did a very nice job on your blog post. I noticed that the net you drew on paint is not in one piece. I think that the colour you used made your whole blog post a lot less boring. I noticed that you did not add the formulas for finding your surface areas. I would also like to compliment you on your pictures you drew. They were very easy to understand. Thank you for including what was for homework because I am sure some students forgot.

  10. Job well done Kamille! You had good pictures and explanations. But I think you missed out on a some things, such as the skeleton thing, the formulas and you could have labeled the first diagram with top, bottom, sides etc. Also you probably should have checked over for some grammar mistakes etc. Although everything was fantastic!

  11. Thanks for making a great scribepost. I like how you didn't write too much and used lots of color and pictures. You should make another great scribepost

  12. Nice Job Kamille, lots of colour and pictures. You missed a couple of things, like the skeleton of the 3D object and you could've put another way of finding the area of the 'wing'. Though it was very well done. Good job!