Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Question 4 part b.

Each object has been constructed from centimetre cubes. Estimate and then calculate the surface area.

This is the front view of the shape.

The side view.

And the top view.

The estimated surface area of the shape is 4x4x6.

To find the surface area, you must find the length and width of each face. For example, there are 4 faces that are 4 by 6 and 2 sides are 2 by 4 and if you add them all together then you will get the surface area.



Please leave comments because i may be wrong =)


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  2. I'm not sure if your wrong but.. I think you need to put the "formula" and not just the numbers. You should also explained how the front and back is the same and all that. Other than that you did a good job :)

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  4. Alrighty well it looks good, however I think you should have included what the shape actually looks like, instead of just the side, front, and top views. Also, in the side view you only put 4 squares going down and labeled that as six, and you need to include the extra squares that stick out from the front and back in your side view. Finally, In your top view, you have 1 too many rows on the bottom. Next time, maybe draw a net or calculate face by face. Good job :)