Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giuseppe's Post October 5 2010

Hey guys!

OK so I was assigned to do Question 11 on page 33.

Number 11 asked me to list places or situations in which surface area is important.

Mr. Backe told me to list 10 but I couldn't so my apologies. I did my best to come up with as many as I can. Here are some general one

1. Painting
You need to know how
much paint you need to cover an area.

2. Icing a cake
You need the right amount of Icing to make the cake look presentable.

3. Wrapping Gifts or Packaging Items
The right amount of Wrapping paper can save you money.

4. Planting
Knowing how big the land is helps you know how much to plant.

5. Fitting Bed sheet covers
You have to make sure it's the right size so it won't be too big or too small.

That's pretty much all! Sorry if I only have 2 pictures, blogger won't let me upload more than that. Also if you have any ideas about this please leave a comment.

Don't forget everything is due tomorrow!

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