Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alex's Post

Hurrah it's my post thanks Jo for switching it at the last minute.Its a day late but I'm still going to use the word today.
Okay today in class we made 2 foldables, yes 2, one was for the Real numbers, Natural, Whole, Integers, Rational, and Irrational numbers. I made the pictures in paint because it's too hard to take the pictures. The first image is the front and second page and the second is the inside of the 1st foldable. We basically just put what is in the set, what numbers go in each category, the numbers that don't belong in each set, and numbers we don't usually think of. For homework with this we were supposed to finish all the things we didn't do and add the definitions.

This lovely little picture here is the second foldable, well half of it at least. Mr. Backe explained how to multiply improper fractions, proper, and mixed numbers, and how to divided them as well.
The homework for this was to make 10 questions each for dividing and multiplying using the way he showed us.

Yeah yeah I know its not great but I'm me what did you expect. If you didn't understand something or I missed something leave a comment.
Oh yeah and as I said already today Josh, your doing the next one.
(reminder click on the images to enlarge.)


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  2. Good job Alex! Haha, your post was actually good. But I'm not sure if the definitions in the first foldable are right.. So I thought you would post it. BUT THAT'S OKAY! Reminder everyone tomorrow is the math test!!!! :D

  3. Good job Alex, and that was a great post so don't worry. Neat pictures too. I guess you forgot about how we needed to add the definitions though.

  4. Oh hallo. K my first comment is about your first paragraph. The way you explained how the foldable was kind of confusing, for me. . but that doesnt mean that others didnt understand it easily. Uhm there are some mechanical errors in your spelling in your post and in the images too, also some of the explanations were wrong . . i think. The third picture the first column it was kind of hard to read still even when its zoomed. So yeah, those are my only "negative" comments sorry for those. But all in all, i think you did a fairly well post. Keep it up! And make improvements!