Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Connor's Blog Post Oct. 5

For Homework today everyone had to make a blog for the question given to them by Mr. Backe.

My question was question 8.

8. Six small boxes, all the same size, have been arranged as shown.
a) What are the dimensions of a single box?

My answer was, for a single box the width is 2 cm, the height is 1 cm and the length is 3 cm.

b) What is the surface are for the arrangement of the six boxes?

My answer was 96 cm2. I got this answer by finding the area of the side, top and front then multiplied it by 2.
The front is 6 cm2.
The side is 6 cm2.
The top is 36 cm2.
6 + 6 + 36 = 48 cm2
48 cm2 x 2 = 96 cm2

c) What is the ratio of the answer in part b) to the total surface area of the six seperate boxes?

96 / 12 = 8
132 / 12 = 11

96 : 132
8 : 11
The ratio of the two answers is 8 : 11

This is a picture of the object and its measurments. (Sorry for the really bad quality)

Sorry if there are any mistakes.


  1. WOW! ^^^^ Anyways..good job. The picture was kinda blurry so yeah it was kinda hard to see

  2. great job connar, i understandstood everything u did. I've got the same answers as your but i answered B) with the formula [2(l)(w) + 2(l)(H) + 2 (H)(W)= sa] try to fix up that picture is hard to see. just try to use a bit more colours.good job again

  3. I would like to see how you got the answer for c) and why you did it that way.