Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Allysa's Scribepost for October 5, 2010

Hey guys!

Today in math, we were assigned to do one question in our textbooks. Mr.Backe picked for us and I got one of the hard ones. It may not be hard for others, but this one made me struggle a bit. I tried different ways to get the right answer, and I finally got it. Here's my way:

12. a) What is the difference in height between the left-hand and right-hand sides of the garage? Explain why you would want a slight slant to a roof?
The difference is 0.06m. The reason there's a slant in the roof is if it rains, the rain would run off the slant. If it was straight, the water would just stay in the middle of the roof and would cause leaks.

b) Given that the house is attached to the left side of the garage, what is the surface area of the garage to the nearest hundredth of a square metre? What assumption(s) did you make in answering this question?
I combined a couple of the measurements so that it would be one length, width, or height.
- 3m + 0.25m + 0.25m = 3.5m
- 2.15 + 0.25 = 2.4m

Surface Area = SIDE + FRONT/BACK + TOP Surface Area = (7 x 2.37) + 2(3.5 x 2.4) + (7 x 3.5)
Surface Area = (16.59) + 2(8.4) + (24.5)
Surface Area = (16.59) + (16.8) + (24.5)
Surface Area =
57.89(squared centimetres)

The assumptions I made to make sure this was right was, not to add the the bottom and right side of the figure.

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