Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Princess' scribepost for October 5, 2010

Today I will be answering question 5b. This question determines the surface area of a cube with a square hole, extending all the way through the inside, in the middle of the figure.


S.A = 2[6(6)] - 2[2(2)] + 4[6(6)] + 4[6(2)]
= 2(36) - 2(4) + 4(36) + 4(12)
= 72 - 8 + 144 + 48
= 256cm²

Okay, I'm not sure if this was understandable or not, because I know I didn't really explain anything, and I apologize!! It's because I don't know how to explain things, I hope the pictures and formula was enough though.
Thank you for reading my blog post (:

[ P.S. I tried very hard to fix this, BUT I don't know why the colors aren't showing ): ]


  1. Good job majesty! Your pictures looked very clear, so does your explanation. I also like how you made them big and easy to see.

  2. Hi Princess! The diagram you made was neat. It was also a good idea adding the net. I get how you did your formula. I see that it can be complicated to explain. I'm not good at explaining things either. But you could've said that 2(6)(6)- 2(2)(2) are the front and back faces. You are subtracting the (2)(2) because that's the hole in the middle. And then you add the sides, top, and bottom. Which are the 4(6)(6). 4 because there are 4 faces. And then the remaining 4(6)(2) are the inside faces of the hole. And they all sum up to 256 cm². So yeah you got the right answer (I checked the back of the book hah) Good job and keep it up!