Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sharmaine's Scribe Post

Today in math class, we had a quiz on Rational Numbers
We had five questions and they were:

1. Name a rational number equivalent to 5/25
A rational number that is equivalent to 5/25 can be
10/50, 0.2 , 1/5 and more because they all represent the same amount.

2. 6.7, 0.8, 0.666...., 3/4
Write in ascending order
Ascending means least to greatest, so the order would be
0.666... , 0.8, 6/7, 13/14

How i got this was i converted the fractions into decimals
6/7 =0.86
13/14 =0.92

3. Name a rational number that is not an integer.
that means that its can be expressed in a rational number but not a integer
so like 1.5, 1/5, 2/10, 3/10

4. Name the points at the balck and blue dots in the number line.
red = -5.5 blue = 3.2

5. The number 6 belongs to what group
N,W,I,Q, and R
natural numbers
whole numbers

rationals (fractions)
real number

Once we were done that we wrote down notes on how convert a repeating decimal back into a fraction.

we started off by knowing how many periods a decimal would have.
for example - 0.14 reapeating, there are 2 period because there are two number that kept reapeating which would be 0.14141414..

if it was one number repeating there would just be one period.

Next we found out how to convert a repeating decimals into a fraction.
ex. 0.14... (repeating)
We mulitplied it by 100 to move 2 decimals places. It was now 14.14 repeating.
Next we subtract 100x by x too get 99. "x" is like an imaginary one

"x" is 0.14
Since there were two 14 together they canceled out leaving us with 14.
we are left with 99 = 14, so we divide it over 99 because there are 99 x's .
there were two 99 so they cancel out and your left with the fractional form 14/99

You would do the same if it was only one number repeating but instead you woild mulitply it but 10 to make in move two decimal places.

- journal
- textbook questions (we'll have a work period tomorrow)

Please your correct me if im wrong and comment!
I chose jeric to do the next scribe!!


  1. hey Sharmaine! Good job having all the questions written down, and the answers too.

  2. w0w Sharmaine you did really good on this. I spotted a FEW spelling errors, but that's okay I guess. haha, I almost forgot about that 100x thing! I think I kind of forgot how to do that, but once I read this, I like JUST remembered. Hahahaha, well yeah good job!