Thursday, October 7, 2010

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okay class, we were all assigned questions, and i got question 7 from section 1.3 in our textbooks.

For the first part of question 7 it asks for the dimensions of the cut out piece. If you look at the image above the cut out piece is in the corner.

So to find the dimensions you could see that they are:
9cm, 15cm, and 17cm.

Then for part two, it asks how the cut out piece will affect the surface area for the original rectangular solid. But truth is it doesn't.

It shows the top, side, and front view of the solid, but it shows a whole surface! So the surface area stays the same because cutting out a CORNER piece will only affect the volume. But if you look at the piece at front, side, and top view. The shape looks perfectly normal!

What we learned:
The dimensions of the cut out piece is 9cm, 15cm, and 17cm

Sometimes cutting out a corner on a prism will not affect the surface area

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