Monday, October 18, 2010

Connor's Blogpost for October 18

In Mr. Backe's math class today we started off with playing a new decimal version of our previous card game.

The operation used was addition. The game basically worked by all red cards were negative decimals, black cards were positive numbers and the face cards were 0.9 and its opposite. The cards were very simple because they were only decimals in the tenths place value and between
-1, 0, 1.

Then we continued on with making a new foldable.
We started 1/3 down the horizantal page with this image below.

If you cannot read this diagram, this is a list of what it says;
-Natural Numbers and Counting Numbers
Eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
-Whole Numbers
Eg. All Natural numbers and 0
Eg. All Numbers and the opposites
-Rational Number
Eg. All numbers that can be expressed in a/b, where a and b are integers but b cannot = 0
-Irrational Numbers
Eg. None terminating numbers, none repeating numbers, decimal numbers like Pi and square roots of none perfect squares.
-Real Numbers
Eg. All numbers in the chart excluding imaginary numbers.

The initials for the categories are;
Natural Numbers = N
Whole Numbers = W
Integers = I
Rational Numbers = Q
Irrational Numbers = Q' <--- The tick on the top right corner of the Q means prime.
Real Numbers = R

The Boxes represent that every smaller box inside the bigger box, fits under the bigger boxes category. For example Natural Numbers and Whole numbers fit under the Integers box. And all the boxes including Irractional numbers fit under the real numbers category.

This is as far as we have gotten on the foldable in todays math class.
Homework for tonight is;
Play tutpup
Decimal Booklet
2.1 Extra Practice
Text Book 2.1 Practice, Apply and Extend
Also if you havn't finished the above image on your foldable, complete that too.

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  1. Good job Connor! Thankyou for telling us what it said on the diagram because it was pretty hard to read, because it was too small. Also, thankyou for explaining how the boxes work. & thankyou for telling us the homework!

  2. Nice job having that diagram on there! Yeah I didn't get all of it in class either. So that was helpful. Also, good job on explaining how the boxes work.