Friday, September 24, 2010

Darnell's BLOG POST.


Today in class we learned about Surface Area of a CUBE and RECTANGULAR PRISM.

BEFORE all that, we learned how many lines of symmetry a 3 dimensional cube has.
There are a total of 9 lines of symmetry.
( Sorry if the picture seems a pretty trippy to you. )

Surface Area of a Cube
Cube - Has 6 faces
Congruent faces
Congruent means its the same shape and size.

Surface Area = 6s²
When calculating the surface area you must use the rule:
BEDMAS ( Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Adding Subtracting )
6S = 6 Sides. A cube has 6 sides/faces.
An example of the variable S would be the number 3.
SA = 6s²
= 6(3)² ** The exponent ² means to square the number ( or multiply the number by itself ) **
= 6 x 9 ** The number we get it 9 because of 3 x 3 **
= 54 cm² or 54 squared centimeters.
Another example for the variable S would be 2.25
SA = 6s²
= 6(2.25)²
= 6 x 5.0625
= 30.375 cm² or 30.375 squared centimeters.

Next is calculating the Surface Area of a Rectangular.
6 faces of which there are 3 pairs of opposite congruent faces.
We didn't get far into calculating the surface area of a rectangular prism. This is how far we've got up to.





  1. Well done Darnell. You took the time and actually made a nice picture.The colors made it easy to understand. I also like how you put BEDMAS in there to make it easier to understand.

  2. good job darnell ! i liked how you explained everything we did in class. like how we talked about how many lines of symmetry there was in a cube. and also explained what the formula for surface area was, everything was easy to understand and your pictures were really neat, i liked how you made the lines of symmetry different colors to show it clearly. good job!

  3. Well done fellow peer. I enjoyed the delightful image of the three dimmensional cube you showed us, explaining how you get all 9 lines of symmetry. Also, the explanation for calculating the surface area of a three dimmensional cube was quite friendly. You took your time to guide us thru the process using various helpful steps. I would also like to thank you for choosing me for the next scribe. I'm very honoured.


  4. Awesome job Darnell! It looks like you put effort into your post. I really like the way you explained the work, if we had students away, they will for sure know what happened that day. I really like your use of colour and your pictures, it was very clear. But for your 9 planes of symmetry, you forgot to put the other four, because you only had 5 lines. You also forgot to put the net up for the rectangular prism. But other than that, this was a very well done post.

  5. Nicely done Darnell! I liked how you explained your work very well so that we are able to understand it. Your pictures were colorful and understandable. Like Elaine said, you forgot to put the other 4 planes of symmetry for the first picture and for the second picture you should have added a net for the rectangular prism. You should have also added more colors to point out the significant information. Otherwise, I thought you put a lot of effort into your post.

  6. Great job Darnell! Looks like you worked very hard on this post. You have every specific detail of all the things we learned on Friday. Your pictures and explanations are great and easy to understand. Everything was pretty clear to me. Great job again! :)

  7. nice job darnell, your work was easy to understand. it was very nice just like your picture. i like how you used differnt colors to understand the picture. Try adding colour to important information next time too, nice job again!!

  8. Nice job Darnell! Everything I read seems very easy to understand. Your should next time highlighted some important text in different colors so it would stand out even more. It also seems like your missing 4 other lines of symmetry since I'm only seeing 5 lines of symmetry. Any who, keep up the good work Darnell!

  9. Good job Darnell! Your blog was really easy to understand. Next time though, use different colors in your writing, to help the important words stand out. I liked the pictures, they were colorful and more understandable than you think. Like the others mentioned, your first picture only had 5 lines of symmetry, so you're missing 4. Also you forgot to make the net for the rectangular prism, I think someone already mentioned that. But overall, great job!

  10. Great job Darnell! I liked the use of colours you used to show the picture, but you forgot the other lines of symmetry like the others said. The explanation was easy to understand, but maybe adding some colour so it stands out or doesnt look so boring. But good job !!

  11. It is a very nice job Darnell, it's pretty cool how all the colours blend in and look, you explained things very well. It was easy to understand and very helpful. Though as people have said you're missing 4 lines of symmetry the oblique ones for the front/back and left/right side. Though nice job!

  12. That is one neat diagram of a three-dimensional cube that you made. What makes it even better is how it shows the lines of symmetry going all around it. When you asked me to make sure you've got all the lines of symmetry right, and I said yes.. well I lied. Like they said, you're missing 4 others lines of symmetry. Yeah I forgot about that. Great job though! A lot of good effort and everything. And way to put in the BEDMAS method!

  13. Your 3d picture was very well done. It made things easy to understand, by the way you put in different colors to show the different lines of symmetry. As mentioned before you missed out 4 lines of symmetry. The rest of your post, was good to me. So good job darnell!