Monday, November 8, 2010

April's blog post for November 8th 2010

HI EVERYONE! Today in Math class, Mr. Backe gave us a whole bunch of notes.

Quiz 3 will be on:
  • identifying rationals
    - natural, whole, integers, rational and irrational. (All belong to set of real numbers)
  • order of operations for all rationals
  • converting fractions to decimals, fractions to percent and decimals to fraction AND vice versa
  • solving rational # problems (to that end of 2.3 by end of the week)
  • Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

    In math, we follow a certain order to be able to get to the same answer. (Universally) Order is usually denoted by mathematical symbols (signs). In grade 7 you learned BEDMAS.

    BEDMAS is also sometimes called PEDMAS. P means Paranthesis.

    Other confusing signs
    • when brackets "kiss" ( ) ( ) <-- kissing, it means to multiply.
    • a bracket around an integer does not necessarily mean do me first!

    • a dot in the middle of two numbers can mean multiplication or be a place holder for decimals. If the dot is in the middle of the numbers
      It means multiply, it if is lower down (1.1) it is a decimal place holder.

    When is a negative number negative?

    a = 1
    b = 2
    c = 3

    Question for tomorrow:
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