Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jennifer's Blog Post for November 9th

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry it's a late but, it's better than nothing right? Anyways, our class was assigned to a question to do for the blog on section 2.3. I was assigned to question 9.

Lori owed her mother $39. Lori paid back 1/3 of this debt and then paid back 1/4 of the remaining debt. How much does Lori still owe her mother?

The first thing I did was finding out how much did Lori paid back her mom the first time. What I did was that I divided the amount of money Lori owed her mother by 3. Which equals 13.

From there, now I know how much Lori paid her mother the first time, I needed to figure out the 1/3 part. I found out by subtracting 39 by 13. Which leaves 26 dollars left that Lori still owes her mother.

Now, I have to find out the amount of money Lori paid her mother the second time. So far, all I know is that Lori owes her mother 26 dollars left. And Lori paid 1/4 of that back. I need to find out the 1/4 of 26. I did that by dividing 26 by 4. Gives me 6.5 left.

Then, I subtract 26 by 6.5. Equals 19.5. In money form it would be $19.50

So, the answer to this question would be, Lori still owes her mother $19.50

That concludes my blog post. Thanks for reading! Please make any comments if I've made some mistakes! Thank you!

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