Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camille's Blog Post

Today in math class, we were all assigned a question in the textbook to blog about. My question was in 2.3, question number 26

#26 Multiplying a fraction by -1 over 2, then adding 3 over 4 and then dividing by -1 over 4 gave an answer of -3 and 3 over 4. What was the original fraction?

So we have to find the missing fraction. We need to get x by itself (?).
To make it easier, i converted it into decimals. Subtrract -.25 on both sides. Because whatever you do on one side you do to the other.

Then subtract 0.75 from both sides. Then to get x alone, divide both sides by -0.5 to get the answer. Then you just convert it into a fraction.

Remember to comment if i have any mistakes! Oh and remember to finish 2.3 in the text book!

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