Monday, November 1, 2010

Brendan's Blog Post for November 01, 2010

Thank you, Joshua for picking me to do this blog post.

Today in math class, we learned about converting decimals into fractions.

The first step to convert a decimal into a fraction is to find out how many times to multiply the decimal so that the repeating numbers line up.

For example, if you needed to convert the decimal "0.032" with 32 repeating you would do this.

100x = 3.232
x = 0.032

Notice that the repeating numbers line up ?
If you subtract the repeating number (x) from the multiplied number (100x), you get a non repeating number (99x), I think.

This step would look like this.

100x = 3.232
x = 0.032
99x = 3.200

Now to get 99x to become just x, you have to divide it by 99.

And if you do one thing to one side, you have to do it to the other.

99x = 3.200
----- -------
99 99

After that, I came up with
x = 3.200

The final step is to simplify.

3.200/99 is the same as saying 32/99 which is also the same as saying 16/495.

Thank you for reading my blog post.
Please do not be afraid to help me learn by correcting me or helping me do something different.

Sorry Brianna,

April is doing the blog next ! (=


  1. Happy Birthday Brendan!!! Well, your blog was very simple yet easy to understand. You explained everything very well but on the part where you try to show equivalent fractions, 3.2/99 and 32/99, those aren't equivalent. You forgot to say that you multiplied 3.2/99 by ten to get 32/990 which would be the correct answer. And you also should include how you got 16/495 and maybe adding colour would make your blog better. But other than that, good job!

  2. Good job Brendan and Happy Birthday!! I agree with Elaine, also adding pictures would be really effective. If you are having trouble uploading, make sure that the picture you have is saved as a JPEG and not a bitmap. :)

  3. Good job brendan! Your post was very well simple yet full of math and explanations. Its like a teacher itself. Uhm, you could add pictures next time. But like what elaine said, there were errors in your math work. Other than that everything was well done! Good job !