Sunday, November 14, 2010

Question 17 2.4 by The Most Awesomest Alex

Yeah yeah awesomest isn't a word I know but still, I'm awesome so I put that, but anyways to the question, I would've done this sooner but my dad needed to use his computer for work or something so I waited but he's done so I can use it.

Basic things really you just need to know how to find area the steps at least, and how to multiply simple.

17. Some parks contain fenced gardens. Suppose that it costs $80 to build each metre of fence, including materials and labour.

A) How much does it cost to enclose a square with an area of 120 squared metres? Express your answer to the nearest dollar.

Well first of all you have to isolate how many metres are in each side of the fence, you do that by square rooting(?) the area to get a side length, you should get about 10.95 then you have to multiply that by 4 because of each side so it equals, 43.816. Haha I last step multiply that by 80 because you need to find out the price of the work and materials put in so 43.816x80=3505.28 but you need to round it to the nearest tenth so it's 3505.3.
It will cost $3505.30 to enclose the area.

B) Predict whether the total cost of enclosing two squares with an area of 60 squared metres each is the same as your answer to part a).

Well I think it wouldn't because even if the 2 squares shared a fence you would still need to add that to the total amount of fence needed, because everything else would be similar if not the same (it's a guess).

C) Test your prediction from part b) and describe your findings.

Gah more math, and I thought we were supposed to be lazy, geez.
Well anyways same process as A) so 60 squared metres square rooted(?) is 7.746 that multiplied by 4 is 30.984. Multiply 30.984 by 2 because there is 2 squares and you get 61.968, now there's 2 ways of going from here assume they don't share a fence, and assume the do, for the sake of having all the proof, I'm doing both, your welcome.
61.968x80=4957.44 (4957.4 rounded)
61.968-7.746(once side of fence)=54.222
54.222x80=4337.76 (4337.8 rounded)
So it would either cost $4957.40 or $4337.80 which means I was correct for the main part of my prediction was correct in saying it would cost more.

There FINISH HA done.
Any questions just comment.
Again no colour sorry I'm just really lazy.


  1. Even if your answers were right, it wasn't all that fascinating to read. Stop being lazy and start putting a little more effort in your blog posts. The "ah I'm so awesome and smart that I don't even have to do work" kind of attitude isn't really working anymore, or at all. .. Lol I am like giving you a lecture here.

    Good job though, and good explaining actually.

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