Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jem's scribepost for november 19 2010

Oh Harro guys ! How was your weekend? Good okay. Anyways. . . As of last Wednesday to Friday we've been learning about "EXPONENTS". At the moment we should already know or have a better understanding on:
  1. the different exponent laws
  2. how to identify different exponents
  3. how to solve different exponent type questions
    REMINDER: The pictures aren't in their best qualities so just click on the images to get a better view of the work I'm showing you guys! Thanks!
Our lesson on Friday focused on the three other laws that we didn't cover on Thursday so stay tuned because here i am to tell you what has been going on, on Thursday. IF YOU WEREN'T IN CLASS THEN YOU BETTER READ THIS! or else. . . i don't know. I better get this started so here we go.

Power of a Product Law-
When a product is raised to a power, you can rewrite the product by applying the exponent to each factor. Which means you use the same power for both numbers.
(a x b)2 = a2 x b2

Power of a Quotient Law-
When a quotient is raised to an exponent, you can rewrite each number in the quotient with the same exponent. Which means rewrite the the same quotient as many times as the power tells you too.
(a÷b)³ = a³÷b³
(a/b) ³ = a³/b³

Negative Exponent Law-
One is the numerator and the denominator is the positive exponent with the same base. (*Honestly I'm still kind of confused about how this law works so, if i do something wrong just tell me. And Mr.backe I need help!)
a¯¹ = 1/a¹
a-² = 1/a²

Okay, guys. . Thanks for spending your time to look at my blog post. Feel free to comment on how well/poorly my post was. Don't be afraid to make some suggestions on how I can make this blog more better. *DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR BACKE WILL BLOW IT :)*
  • Stash it :All tests signed
    Self Evaluation
    Problem of The Week 3 and 4
    Foldable (divide/add/subtract/ multiply fractions and decimals), Different groups of Numbers
  • Do your Journals
  • Textbook and homework book questions
  • Study all the time
  • Comment at blogs
    Enjoy the 4 hours you have left of your week end. Okay okay ? Okay cool. Bye guys :)
CAMILLE CONCEPCION, your up next !


  1. thanks jem.. you mostly explained 3 parts of laws for the exponents and thanks for the homework explanation and yeea ur blogs better than ours so you dont need changes i guess.. but nice scribe

  2. Nice post! I understood your explanations and diagrams easily. I like the colour use because it makes important words stand out. Also thanks for telling us what we need on our stash its.

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  4. YOU GUYS! TSK TSK. . i made a mistake for the negative exponent law. The exponents should've been in the denominator area not the numerator. Make sure yu guys pay attention to that. Thanks :)