Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elaine's Scribe Post for November 3, 2010

Hey everyone!!! Well in class, we were all assigned questions to do on the blog and I got 14 & 15

14. Identify a decimal number between each of the following pairs of rationa
l numbers.
- to answer these questions, first, I converted each p
air into decimal form and t
hen found a decimal number that is in between the two numbers.

Here is how I answered 14. a):

These are the answers that I got from the other questions :

And remeber! To get the decimals in between the pair of numbers, make sure that the decimal place value isn't greater than
the largest decimal of the pair or less that the smallest decimal of the pair.

15. What is a decimal number between each of the following pairs of rational numbers?

- to get to the answer, it is basically, the same steps as question 14, but an extra step is added, you have to convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions, then into decimals.

Here are the steps to how I got my answer for a):

All my other answers are:

Thanks for reading my scribe!!!! Sorry if the pictures are too small, and tell me in the comment box if I made any mistakes :)

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