Sunday, November 14, 2010

Question 10


A carpenter has 64 m of baseboard. He installs 1/2 of the baseboard in one room. He installs another 3/5 of the ORIGINAL amount of baseboard in another room. How much baseboard does he have LEFT? -It's always good to highlight or acknowledge the KEY PARTS of a question.

This is how I figured it out:

Step one) 1/2

First, I took away one half of the baseboard from the original amount which is 64 m. One half of 64 is 32. So now, the carpenter is left with 32 m of baseboard.

Step two) 3/5

Now, the carpenter figures that he can use 3/5 of the original amount to cover another room. I honestly don't know how he got the job. Here's why:

1. He has already used 1/2 of the baseboard in one room
2. 3/5 is LARGER than 1/2

See my point? That said, I still need an answer so let's keep going.

3/5 of 64 is 38.4

I figured that out by dividing 64 by 5 and multiplying the quotient by 3.

Step 3) add

Finally, I added the two amounts together. (1/2 + 3/5)

32 + 38.4 = 70.4

70.4 - 64 = 6.4- I subtracted the answer from the original in order to find the difference which is the final answer.


REMEMBER!!!...Always include a sentence answer if it is a word problem.

Thanks for reading I hope this made sense please comment thanks! :D


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