Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jeric's Scribepost

Hello boys and girls. Today in class we were assigned questions in class. I had to do question 14, on page 60 from 2.2.

My question was ...

Q. Saida owned 125 shares of an oil company. One day, the value of each share dropped by $0.31. The next day, the value of each share rose by $0.18. What was the total change in the value of Saida's shares?

So what i did was i found the differences between the sums of both value of whether it dropped or rose.

So pretty much all i did was i multiplied 125 to 0.31 and got 38.75. This is the sum of the first day of when it dropped. Then i multiplied 125 to 0.18 and got 22.5. I multiplied 125 to the values of whether it rose or dropped because 0.31 is the share she gets from 125 companies so really she gets $0.31 from 125 companies. So then after i got the sum of both the values i then subtracted the value of the drop and rise to find the difference. $38.75 -$ 22.5 = $16.25.

So the total change in value of Saida's shares is a loss of $16.25. It is a loss because the dropped value was more than the value of the rise.

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  1. Okay. . here we go. Great blog! As i read your blog it clearly stated to me that you knew what you were solving, and how you were going to get there. Uhm, my only suggestion(s) is that you use the pictures earlier in the questions instead of in the end because it gives a better understanding of what you're doing by studying the pictures. So yeah, just keep that in mind for the next blog post.