Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elijah's Scribepost for November 4, 2010

My question was number 21 on Chapter 2.2.

21. The Table shows the average early-morning temperature for seven communities in May.

a) Write the temperatures in descending order.
6.1 (Petincton) ,
5.4 (Edmonton),
3.9 (Regina),
-0.1 (Yellowknife),
-5.1 (Churchill),
-14.1 (Resolute)

Descending means that the numbers are ordered from greatest to least. Now obviously, the numbers with the negatives would be on the least side and the numbers that are positive would be on the greater side.

b) Which Community has an average temperature between the values for Whitehorse and Churchill ?
Answer: Yellowknife

Whitehorse, Yukon's temperature is 0.6. Churchill, Manitoba's temperature is -5.1.
Out of all the Communities, Yellowknife is the one between Churchill and Whitehorse. Look at letter a's answer, and you'll see the 0.6 (Whitehorse) , -0.1 (Yellowknife), -5.1 (Churchill).


  1. This is for the homework book right? The one on the textbook is different.

  2. Oh sorry Harvey, this is actually for the textbook. I put chapter 2.2 instead of chapter 2.1.