Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Argie's blog post

Today in math we were assigned to do a blog post about a question from the textbook -_-"
My question is 17, located on page 61 in section 2.2

17) Two wooden poles measured 1.35m and 0.83m in length. To make a new pole, they were attached by overlapping the ends and tying them together. The length of the over lap was 12cm. What was the total length of the new pole in meters?

First i converted all the numbers from m to cm.
1.35m = 135cm
12cm = 12cm
0.83m = 83cm

So now that you have all your numbers in the same metric system you can proceed on with the question.

Because there is an overlap in the poles, you have to take out 12cm out of one of the poles because it is overlapping.
83cm - 12cm = 71cm

Now that you have taken away from the overlap you just add the other pole to get the full length of the new pole.

135cm + 71cm = 206cm

206cm is the length of the new pole.

The colours didnt show up, but i did put some.

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