Sunday, November 14, 2010

Question 15

Hey its me Alex, I finally get to do my posts because I got my Internet security back on my computer.
This question wasn't to hard just basic multiplication of decimals.
Now on to the question.

15) In dry air, the temperature decreases by about 0.65 degrees Celsius for each 100-m increase in altitude.

A)The temperature in Red Deer, Alberta, is 10 degrees Celsius. What is the temperature outside an aircraft 2.8 km above the city?

Okay to solve this all you really need to do is multiply 0.65 by 28 because in 2.8km there is 28 groups of 100m.
o.65x28= 18.2
Then you subtract 18.2 from 10 to get -8.2
So the temperature outside the aircraft is -8.2 degrees Celsius.

B) The temperature outside and aircraft 1600m above Red Deer is -8.5 degrees Celsius. What is the temperature in the city below?

This is basically the same process just reversed instead of subtracting you add, so 0.65x16=10.4
then you add 10.4 to -8.2 to get 2.2.
The temperature in Red Deer is 2.2 degrees Celsius.

Well as a famous pig said Thats all Folks.
Comment if you don't get what I did.
The reason I don't have colour is for the people who know me, I'm lazy end of story.

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