Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Noelle Cuvos' Awesome Blog Post

So today we were all assigned another single blog about a single question from either unit section 2.1 or 2.2. I was assigned number 28 from page 62 unit 2.2.

The First question was:
a) 3.6+2y y=-0.5
first you subsitute, now you have:
now you do the multiplacation, then you'll have.
Now your answer:

Then the second question:
b) (m-1.8)(m+1.8) m=1.7
Get the bracket answers:
Then your answer:

And lastly the last question: q=(-3.6)
c) 4.5 _ q
First substitute:
4.5 _ -3.6
-3.6 4.5
Solve the fractions:
Then the answer:


  1. Hey noelle. So i went through your blog post and found it successful but it could have been more successful. Ill tell you how in B)i found an error and that is instead of adding 1.7 and 1.8 you subtracted, so the right answer shouldve been (-0.1)(3.5) and the over all outcome would be (-0.35). But the good thing was that if i were to solve the numbers you wrote it wouldve been right. So you have the right idea. Uhm over all i found your blog post interesting and a learning area.