Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jamie's Blog Post for November 4, 2010

We were all assigned to do a blog on questions from the textbook and I got question 28 from 2.1.
Actually, I'm not too sure if Mr Backe assigned this question for me because it look me like 2 minutes to figure out.. But I'll do it anyways!

# 28: How many rational numbers are between 2/3 and 0.6 repeated? Explain.
Well, my answer would be none. That is because 2/3 and 0.6 repeated are equivalent.

Here, I'll show you different ways on how to answer this question.

I used the long division to convert the 2/3 into a decimal.
Once it kept going on and on, I knew that it was a repeating decimal which is 0.6 repeated. And, 0.6 repeated = 0.6 repeated, so there are no rational numbers that go inbetween 2 of the same numbers.

THANK YOU for reading my post and have a nice day! :D Please comment to tell me what I did wrong.

PS: Backe, if you would like to give me another question I'd be happy to. :P I like a little bit of a challenge! hahahahaa :D

PSS: Colours aren't working :(

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