Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jennifer's Blog post for November 4th

We were assigned a question as part of our homework.

The question I had to do was question 27 in section 2.1

The question was, Identify the fractions that are between 0 and -2 that have 3 as the denominator.

I first started off imaging if there was a number line so it can help me where the fractions are placed.

Next, I had to figure out which fractions can go in between -2 and 0. However, there's a catch to this. The denominator has to be 3.

The first thing I did was that I tried 1/3. In decimal form, it was 0.333... . It fitted between those. Since it was a negative number, the fraction had to be -1/3.

There was more than just -1/3, I tried -2/3. In decimal form, It was 0.666... . That worked as well.

Next, I tried -3/3, -4/3, and -5/3. Their decimal form was 1, 1.333... , and 1.6666666667. They all fitted between those numbers!

When I tried -6/3, the decimal form was 2. I'm guessing it's part of it as well.

Thank is all for today! Please comment if I missed any fractions that also belong with this question or anything I did wrong thank you!

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