Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jerick's Math Blog Post for 2.3 , November 14, 2010

Hey everyone ! This is my blog post for the question I was assigned for math
the question is ..

24. Can the sum of two rational numbers be less than both of the rational numbers? Explain using examples in fraction form .

The answer would be, yes the sum of two rational numbers can be less than both of the rational numbers, that is ,if the sum is negative.

(-3/4) + (-2/3 ) = -17/12 or -1 5/12

I have to admit, this question kind of confused me, so please, if anyone can explain it to me, I would gladly appreciate it
If you have any other examples, please feel free to put it as a comment
Thank You for Reading My Post

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  1. Hey Jerick! Good effort in understanding the question even if you were confused :) So yeah I think what you said was right, if the answer is a negative then it could possibly be less than the other 2 numbers. Like -5 + -6 = -11, and the sum is less than both numbers. But that isn't exactly a fraction example. Sorry about that.